Uniform - Care Guide

The cadet uniform is the property of the Department of National Defence and it is entrusted to you for the duration of your cadet career.  You are expected to treat your uniform with respect, clean and care for it regularly and return it to the squadron when you leave the cadet program.

The cadet uniform is designed to be relatively easy to care for.  All pieces of the cadet uniform are machine washable and can go in the dryer, except the tie and wedge.  These can be spot cleaned and laid flat to dry.  Dry cleaning the uniform is not necessary.

Cadets are expected to care for their uniforms weekly.  This includes washing and ironing the uniform and polishing their boots.  There will be several classes taught to first year cadets throughout the training year to help them learn the proper way to prepare their uniforms for inspection.  If you have any questions please speak to your chain of command, flight NCO's will be more than happy to help you learn the tricks to having an amazing uniform.

Parents should not be doing a cadets uniform!  Please help them learn to use the iron and the washing machine.  Beyond that, the cadets should be caring for their own kit.

Some general instructions and tips:

-Use the appropriate heat setting and lots of steam when ironing.  A pressing cloth is strongly recommended.

-Pant creases should be centered on the front and back of each leg and should extend all the way to the waistband.

-Shirts need to be washed and pressed weekly.  Creases should be pressed into each sleeve, centered.

-No creases shall be pressed into the sleeves of the tunic.

-Black shoe polish, a polishing cloth (Kiwi brand recommended), some water and a lot of time are all that are needed to get a good shine on your boots.  Don't forget to clean and blacken the welts of your boots with an old toothbrush.

-Clip any loose threads using nail scissors or nail clippers.

-Remember to run a lintbrush over your uniform when you arrive at cadets.

How to:

Tie your tie

Lace your boots

Cut/Style your hair

Wear your nametag

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